Bedroom for One Live

by Quoth The Raven

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Improvised and recorded live in my bedroom: 2nd March 2016. Made for the sole reason I got myself a feedback pedal and I wanted to use it. I'll make this available for maybe a month or two and then take it down.


released March 2, 2016

Ibanez SR300 bass
Sonic Nightmare feedback loop pedal
Digitech Bass Driver
Boss GEB-7 Equalizer
EHX Crying Tone Wah
Laney Richter RB-7 Amp
Konig microphone



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Quoth The Raven UK

Non-binary ambient and experimental musician. I will choose my own meaning. I will choose what I think is beautiful.

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Track Name: This Beautiful and Wierd World of Noise
What you are hearing now, is whole and unedited. The sounds that you are hearing, are the same exact sounds that I am hearing. There is no post-production. There is no after effects. There is no enhancement. Only me, and my bass guitar. There can be no purer connection between you and me, then these moments that we share, bonded through sounds and the emotions that they inspire in us. Dispose of your expectations and preconceptions, and join me, in this beautiful and weird world of noise.
Track Name: You Will Go On With Your Day
Did you listen? Did you share my experience? I wonder if you felt the same feelings, thought the same thoughts as me. It is unlikely you did, but the unlikely happens far more often than one would imagine. Now you will go on with your day, and I with mine. But do not forget that for a few simple minutes, across time and space, we were united.